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Higher Education Management

Higher Education Management

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Survey of College Practices in Renting Out Facilities for Camps, Conferences & Special Events

Print: $ 159.00
PDF: $ 159.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 295.00

This 125+ page report looks closely at college practices in renting out facilities for camps, conference and special events, giving detailed data on revenues, costs, budgets, marketing efforts, program management ...   Read More

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Higher Education Revenue Outlook, 2013 Edition

Print: $ 95.00
PDF: $ 95.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 195.00

This report looks closely at the revenue prospects for colleges in North America.  Data in the report is based on a sample of 70 North American colleges with data broken ...   Read More

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College Electricity Consumption Benchmarks

Print: $ 98.00
PDF: $ 98.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 198.00

College Electricity Consumption Benchmarks looks closely at the electricity consumption tendencies of a wide range of colleges, presenting over 75 pages of data on spending habits, ...   Read More

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The Survey of Small and Medium Sized College Staffing Plans

Print: $ 85.00
PDF: $ 85.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 199.00

The study examines the staffing policies and plans of 21 American colleges with less than 10,000 full-time equivalent students, providing hard data on their hiring trends ...   Read More

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