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Libraries - Special Collections

Libraries - Special Collections

This subcategory belongs to Academic Libraries category. Our studies of special collections focus on traditional special collection areas such as rare books, film, music, photography and art. Recent titles include \"The International Survey of Library & Museum Special Collections Digitization\" and \"Creating the Digital Art Library.


The Survey of Library, Museum & Historic Site Preservation Practices

Print: $ 89.50
PDF: $ 89.50
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 198.00

This 117 page report is based on data from 55 institutions including museums, libraries, colleges, historic sites and other organizations with major operations in the preservation ...   Read More

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Survey of Best Practices in Digital Image Management

Print: $ 98.00
PDF: $ 98.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 199.00

The study presents the results of a survey of the image management policies of 64 organizations: colleges, museums, government agencies and private businesses, with data broken ...   Read More

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Trends in Photography Special Collections Management, 2013 Edition

Print: $ 85.00
PDF: $ 85.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 179.00

The report profiles the efforts of nine special photography collections from the American Museum of Natural History, the Minneapolis Public Library, the National WWI Museum at ...   Read More

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Museum & Library Special Collection Use of Major Internet Sites

Print: $ 75.00
PDF: $ 75.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 169.00

The 133-page study examines how museums and library special collections are using major internet sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Google, Amazon, Bing, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, ...   Read More

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