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Libraries - Information Literacy

Libraries - Information Literacy

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The Survey of Use of Emerging Technologies in Information Literacy Instruction

Print: $ 89.00
PDF: $ 85.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 169.00

This 200+ page report presents data from a survey of 63 colleges in North America. It helps its readers to answer questions such as: What kind of new ...   Read More

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Information Literacy Efforts Benchmarks, 2014 Edition

Print: $ 80.00
PDF: $ 80.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 174.00

The 200-page study looks closely at the information literacy efforts of North American colleges and universities, presenting findings from a survey of more than 50 colleges ...   Read More

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Survey of the Academic Library Role in Course Management Systems

Print: $ 68.00
PDF: $ 68.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 149.00

The study looks closely at how academic libraries present themselves in the course management system, and the role that they play in developing it and training ...   Read More

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Training Students at Small & Medium Sized Colleges in Information Literacy

Print: $ 75.00
PDF: $ 75.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 179.00

The study profiles the information literacy efforts of sixteen small and mediums sized colleges in North America including: Oberlin College, Ottawa University, Genesee Community College, Marlboro College, Massasoit ...   Read More

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