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Survey of Library & Museum Content Marketing Practices

Print: $ 95.00
PDF: $ 95.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 219.00

The report presents detailed data about how colleges, libraries and museums are marketing their digitized collections and other content through blogs, email, videos, and through major ...   Read More

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Corporate Public Relations Benchmarks, 2013 Edition

Print: $ 259.00
PDF: $ 259.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 459.00

This 100+ page report looks closely at spending patterns and management practices in public relations of American and Canadian corporations. The report gives detailed data on public relations staffing, budgets, ...   Read More

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Corporate & Business Library Benchmarks, 2013 Edition

Print: $ 198.00
PDF: $ 198.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 299.00

This 230+ page study looks at trends among corporate and other business libraries, such as those of MBA programs or trade associations. The report gives data on trends in spending, ...   Read More

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