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Survey of Public Library Efforts to Provide Job Information Resources


Primary Research Group has published Survey of Public Library Efforts to Provide Job Information Resources, ISBN 978-1-57440-219-3.

This study looks closely at how public libraries provide job information resources to the public, including detailed data on budgets, resources preferred, classes provided, program assessment, resume writing and job search skills help, and many other areas of interest to public libraries in the job information arena. The study includes information on partnerships with local institutions designed to increase the visibility and success of job fairs and job finding efforts, as well as data on the amount of staff time expended on job information centers and their impact on library visibility.

Just a few of the many findings from this report are:

  • Employment information centers at the libraries in the sample each attract a mean of 54.23 visitors per week
  • In the past year, libraries in the sample spent a mean of $15,498 on books, CDs, instructional materials, and all other materials specifically for equipping the job center with reference and educational materials
  • Just one survey participant employs or contracts a career coach at the library to help patrons
  • 55.56 percent of those libraries in the sample with fewer than 10 employees offer resume writing classes
  • 18.18 percent of survey participants say the library has one or more persons specifically devoted to the job center or to job center related activities
  • 42.86 percent of all libraries with 50 or more employees say the library serves as a conduit for want ads or other advertisements of job availabilities either through a bulletin board, listserv, or some other information device
  • 18.18 percent of all libraries in the sample have ever hosted a job fair

The study is available in print and PDF format for $25.00. Site licenses cost $75.00. To view a table of contents, list of questions and participants, and sample data, or to order a copy of the report, please visit our website at www.PrimaryResearch.com.