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Survey of College Sports Stadium Redesign Efforts


Primary Research Group has published Survey of College Sports Stadium Redesign Efforts, ISBN 978-1-57440-225-4.

The 175-page study is based on detailed data from more than 50 American colleges, including William & Mary, GeorgetownUniversity, the University of Michigan, the University of Mississippi, the University of Nevada, and many others. The study includes 35 Division 1 institutions. The report looks closely at recent and future planned capital expenditures for stadium renovation in areas such as improvements to the playing field, scoreboard development, locker room renovation, luxury box and other VIP seating arrangements, food service, concession stand, parking and other amenities, ramp and in-stadium transport features, overall seating capacity, energy-saving features, in-stadium screens and monitors, and much more. The study gives detailed quantitative data for past and expected future spending overall and in many specific areas of stadium investment, providing a map to the spending plans of college athletic stadiums in the United States. The data is broken out by type of college, for Division 1 and all other divisions, by size of stadium, age of stadium, and other variables that are highly useful for benchmarking.

Just a few of the study's many findings are that:

  • 50 percent of colleges with stadiums that are less than 20 years old have renovated the playing field turf in the past five years
  • 32.14 percent of colleges in the sample have renovated office space in their sports stadium in the past five years, while 14.29 percent have renovated classroom space in these facilities
  • 7.14 percent of private colleges in the sample have added or renovated luxury boxes within the past five years
  • Public colleges in the sample spent 52 percent more than private colleges on their stadium renovations
  • Over the next five years, 38.24 percent of survey participants expect to make significant investments to upgrade their weight rooms
  • Colleges with a stadium seating capacity of 10,000 to 30,000 spent a mean of $12,987,500 on their last major stadium renovation
  • Improvements to the stadium field turf have cost colleges in the sample a mean of $1,657,840 and a maximum of $15,000,000 over the past five years

The study is available in print and PDF formats for $295.00. Site licenses cost $599.00. To view a table of contents, list of participants, and sample data, or to order a copy of the report, please visit our website at www.PrimaryResearch.com.