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Research Library International Benchmarks


Research Library International Benchmarks presents data from a survey of 45 major research libraries from the U.S., Australia, Canada, Spain, the U.K., Japan and others.  Data is presented separately for university, government/non-profit and corporate/legal libraries, and for US and non-U.S. libraries, as well as by size of library and type of library, corporate/legal, university and government. The 200-page report presents a broad range of data on current and planned materials, salary, info technology and capital spending, hiring plans, spending trends for e-books, journals, books and much, much more. Provides data on trends in discount margins from vendors, relations with consortiums, information literacy efforts, workstation, laptop and learning space development, use of scanners and digital cameras, use of RFID technology, federated search and many other pressing issues for major research libraries, university and otherwise.

Available 2008


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