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The Survey of College Marketing Programs


More than 47% of American colleges use web advertising of some type to market the college including more than 59% of private colleges, according to a new study from Primary Research Group, The Survey of College Marketing Programs. The 170 page study presents more than 650 tables of data relating to college marketing efforts, exploring television, radio, newspaper and magazine advertising, direct mail, college viewbook and magazine publishing, and use of web ads, blogs, search engine placement enhancement, and other internet related marketing.  The study also presents data on the percentage of distance learning programs that are managed and marketed by the central administration of the college and the percentage that are managed by separate administrative entities.

The report also looks closely at spending by colleges on marketing consultancies, market research firms, advertising and public relations agencies.  The data in the report is broken out by enrollment size, type of college, public/private status, and even by the extent to which colleges draw their applicants from the local area.  Fifty five colleges completed an exhaustive questionnaire. 

Available 2007


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