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Library Use of the Mega Internet Sites, 2011-12 Edition


Library Use of the Mega Internet Sites, 2011-12 Edition presents more than 150 pages of data and commentary on how libraries are using mega internet sites such as Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, Vimeo, Bing, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and dozens of other sites.  Data is broken out separately for legal/corporate libraries, public libraries, college libraries and government libraries, as well as by library size, and even by the professional role of the responding librarian.

The report helps end users to answer questions such as: which sites have librarians found most useful? Which sites are included in patron information literacy instruction? How are libraries increasing productivity or enhancing service by using the mega internet sites?  What kind of librarians are using what kind of sites? Is Flickr most useful to special collection librarians? Which librarians find Facebook most useful?




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