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Survey of College Plans for MOOCs


The study looks closely both at college plans to develop MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and to use the MOOCs from other institutions in their curricula. The report helps its readers to answer questions such as: How many colleges accept credits for taking MOOCs? How many have plans to accept such credits in the future and under what conditions?  How are colleges supplementing MOOCs with tutoring, online peer groups and instructors to increase their effectiveness? How many colleges are developing their own MOOCs? How many are approaching the major MOOC vendors? Which vendors are favored? How many colleges are establishing task forces to look into or develop MOOCs and how extensive is this effort in terms of staff time and funding? What is the relationship between MOOC development and use and lecture capture technology? What are colleges doing with the lectures that they are now frequently recording and archiving?


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