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College Sports Arena Renovation Benchmarks


This 300+ page study is based on data from 30 college sports arenas, about half of which are Division I colleges. The report looks closely on how these colleges have renovated their sports arenas and what their plans are for the future. The study helps college sports planners and their suppliers to answer questions such as: What has been the economic impact of arena renovations? What percentage of colleges have a line item in their capital budget for their arenas? How much have colleges spent on arena renovations and what will they spend in the near future? What are they renovating? Seating? Playing surfaces? Locker rooms? VIP fan facilities or luxury boxes? Stadium seating? Weight rooms?   Stadium lighting or scoreboards? In-stadium video?  

The study even provides data on recent and planned changes to halls of fame and in-stadium museums, stairwells, landscaping, air conditioning and heating, office space and other facets of the modern college sports arena. Data is broken out separately by many variables, such as for Division 1 and Divisions 2 & 3, as well as for public and private colleges, stadium seating capacity and other variables.



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