Survey of Sponsored Research Agreements Between the Private Sector & Higher Education, 2017 Edition (ISBN No:978-157440-448-7 )

This 150-page study presents data from 20 higher education institutions, predominantly major research universities, about their sponsored research agreements with private sector entities.  The study imparts to its readers key data about trends in the number of agreements, their dollar volume, and the technologies most involved in such arrangements.

The report gives data on trends in use of staff time for university departments entrusted with reaching and overseeing sponsored research agreements, including time spent pursuing agreements with overseas partners, time spent on marketing, and much more.

The study helps its readers to answer questions such as: what percentage of sponsored research volume is accounted for by overseas partners? By partners who have had a research relationship with the university previously? By clinical trials? By agreements in materials science, or information technology, or medicine/healthcare? How effective are universities in estimating their costs in sponsored research agreements?

Other issues covered include the use of liability insurance, billing questions, and what happens to projects when principal investigators leave the project for any reason?

Data is broken out by many useful criteria including type of university, level of annual patent and licensing revenue, public or private status, enrollment and other factors.

Just a few of the report’s many findings are that:

  • The average major research university in the sample garnered contracts of $27.98 million from sponsored research agreements in 2016.
  • 15% of survey participants said that they often underestimate the costs of sponsored research agreements.
  • Disputes with research partners were most common at public universities with relatively low annual licensing and patent revenues.
  • Major research universities used semi-annual or annual billing for 38.70% of projects.  

Higher Education Management

Report coverage in this topic area includes: marketing, enrollment and public relations; advancement and fundraising; international and domestic student services; retention and assessment; technology management, facilities managment, and much more.

Law Firm and Law Library Management

Reports in this area can be roughly grouped into 4 types: surveys of law libraries, surveys of attorneys in major law firms, surveys of management personnel in major law firms, and surveys of law school faculty and administrators.


Subject areas covered include: content management, materials purchasing, facilities management, digitization, purchasing and negotiations, open access and digital repositories, personnel management and training, budgeting, fundraising and much more.

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